OpenMVS Open Multiple View StereovisionΒΆ

OpenMVS allows to compute dense points cloud, surface and textured surfaces of OpenMVG scenes.

To use OpenMVG scene in OpenMVS you can:
  • use the openMVG_main_openMVG2openMVS exporter interface
  • or use the OpenMVS InterfaceOpenMVG SceneImporter


# Export the OpenMVG scene to the OpenMVS data format
$ openMVG_main_openMVG2openMVS -i PATH/sfm_data.(json/xml/bin) -d OUTPUT_PATH -o OUTPUT_PATH/Scene

# Or you can Import the OpenMVG scene to the OpenMVS data format using the OpenMVS binary
$ InterfaceOpenMVG -i PATH/sfm_data.json -o scene.mvs

Dense point-cloud reconstruction for obtaining a complete and accurate as possible point-cloud

# Compute dense depth map per view and merge the depth map into a consistent point cloud
$ DensifyPointCloud scene.mvs

Mesh reconstruction for estimating a mesh surface that explains the best the input point-cloud

# The initial point cloud be:
# - the calibration one (scene.mvs),
$ ReconstructMesh scene.mvs
# - or the dense one (scene_dense.mvs)
$ ReconstructMesh scene_dense.mvs

Mesh texturing for computing a texture to color the mesh

# Compute the texture
$ TextureMesh scene_dense_mesh.mvs