This application export undistorted images from known camera parameter intrinsic.

Algorithm of the application

Require: internal + camera calibration
Require: images
Ensure: undistorted images
for each view
    if view has valid intrinsic
      undistort and save the undistorted view

Information and usage

The chain is designed to run on a sfm_data.json file. The sfm_data file should contains: - valid view with some defined intrinsics,

$ openMVG_main_ExportUndistortedImages -i Dataset/out_Reconstruction/sfm_data.json -o Dataset/out_Reconstruction/undistortedImages

Arguments description:

Required parameters:

  • [-i|–input_file]
    • a SfM_Data file with valid intrinsics and poses and optional structure
  • [-o|–outdir]
    • path where the undistorted images will be stored
  • [-r|–exportOnlyReconstructed]
    • Export only the images that have valid intrinsic and pose data (Can be 0(default) or 1)
  • [-n|–numThreads]
    • number of thread(s)